Testament to the Miners organization from the Jennings family!

Hello everyone,

Expressing our gratitude in words will never do justice to how we truly feel. So many organizations across thee country “talk the talk” with all the cliches about character, effort, community, etc. But only rare teams walk it like the ERM does. HIC… such a simple phrase yet one that will affect these young men for a lifetime. On a recent visit to your town the hospitality was overwhelming, I can see why our son loves it so much there. Doing the right thing is usually the hardest as DSC says but you all continue to lead by example.

A big thank you to everyone involved (too many to name) from the board, the hockey staff, play by play camera and teammates right the way through to rink maintenance. You really did revive Brody’s love of the game. Just remember although it may seem thankless at times what you d really does matter.

Special mention to:

  • Head Coach/GM Derek for believing
  • Jason for making it happen
  • Kevin and Margaret Harland (and Luke) for opening their home
  • And finally to all the people in Red Lake that took the time to say such heartwarming things about Brody, you didn’t have to but you did and it makes use very grateful people.

All the best in the future,

Jim and Stacy Jennings

Kelowna, BC