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Geoff Walker

Head Coach / General Manager

Phone: 647-765-1723


Chris Pimblott

Director of Hockey Operations

Phone: 807-728-1133



Red Lake  Miners (General)

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Gregg Wilson

BC Interior Scout

Phone: (250) 462-0905

Email: Click Here

Scott Pimblott

Director of Player Personnel

Phone: 250-299-5360

Email: Click Here

Dennis Matechuk

British Columbia Scout

Phone: 778-245-3821

Greg Harney Jr

Massachusetts & Goaltending Scout

Phone: 203-645-2892

Email: Click Here

Greg Harney Sr

New England Scout

Phone: 203-415-7815

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Warren Badiuk

Community Liaison

Phone: 807-735-1256

Email: Click Here


Scott Patterson

Manitoba Scout

Phone: (204) 534-0807

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