Thank You

As the jerseys are put away for the final time this year. We sit back and reflect on the past year.

It may not have been the year the Miners were looking for however it has been 1 hell of a great ride. We have seen Players come and go. We had Returning players and New players show up to the Miner Family. We have seen some fans go and we have made some new fans along the way. Its the fans that help and keep this program going. Like we have said in the past this isn’t owned by 1 person its owned by The Corporate Sponsors, Season Ticket Holders and YOU the Fans. We are always looking for the support not only for the players but to keep this program going well into the future. So Thank You Fans from all of us.

We would also like to Thank the Coaching staff and GMs for everything they have done this year. Once again it may not have been the outcome we were all looking for however the guys gave it what they could.

I can’t say enough about ALL the volunteers that have helped us along the way. I can’t write everyone’s name however they know who they are. Your commitment and many many hours of volunteering your time haven’t gone unnoticed. I don’t think that the average fan really knows how many volunteers (Not including Coaching staff and Trainers) it takes to run a home game. On average we have 20 positions filled per Home Game with some people doing more than 1 job to help this Hockey Club.

The Players and Families. Thank You for everything you do. Leaving your families to play the game you love in 2 small towns in the middle of the woods in NW Ontario. The Communities thank you guys and your families for bring us this sport we all love. The game of Hockey. We tried to bring you guys the best we could with the video streams and also the online updates so you can keep up to date with what was going on. Thank You again.

The Billet Families. Thank you for opening your homes to these amazing Young Men. Life long friendships have been made. You may not have been given a lot of money to feed these hungry young men. However you have come through and made your home their home. Thank You very much.

Sponsors Thank You for donating your hard heard money so that both communities can have hockey. This hockey club couldn’t survive without the generous donations you provide for sponsorship and advertising. We hope we have come through with what has been promised. The Miners also hope that you have made some extra money with the advertising that we have provided for you.

The Board I know I have it last however its not the least. These people are the people behind the scenes and some are the vary ones that volunteer at each and every Home Game giving you the fans the best experience possible. President – Jason Vinet, VP Sean Nichols, Treasurer Michel Labonte, Billeting Dave Lamme, Secretary Diane Parthenay, Game Day/Bus Shawn Parthenay, Director Jason Martin, Social Media Director Rob Doyle. These amazing people spend countless hours behind the scene to bring you the games. To keep this hockey club alive for both communities.

If we missed anybody we apologize. Its all these people that make this 1 of the greatest Junior Hockey clubs around.

To end it from ALL of US. Thank You and we look forward to Year 3.