Mission Statement


Providing athletes with the opportunity to compete at the junior A hockey level is rewarding, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and prepares young adults for real life. While being young and having fun is encouraged we prepare our athletes for their future which is right around the corner.

The Red Lake ┬áMiners Junior “A” Hockey Club develops the person first and athlete second. Our players will learn how to manage their time between hockey, school, and work. Time management is a life long skill that we believe is very important in developing a young athlete into a productive adult.

We feel that the lessons learned at the rink can be extended to life skills. Off the ice we have mental health counsellors that coordinate team building and mental strength activities for our athletes. We have educational advisors who meet with our athletes to prep them for their SAT and NCAA clearing house.

Off-ice physical and mental training is an important part of our program, we believe being healthy mentally is just as important as physical health. Education, and Community Involvement is also a major component of being a Miner! Our athletes are involved in the community weekly, participating in various events. We feel that it is important that all our players obtain part time employment during the season or attend post secondary so they can learn to manage their time effectively as adults between school, hockey, and work.

When asked what the Red Lake Miners program is all about, Head Coach and GM Derek Sweet-Coulter responds with this. “Humility, Integrity, and Courage. Building men for others.”

“You will learn more about life at the hockey rink than anywhere else”.